Gangaa: Prabha to seek her revenge from Sagar and Ganga

Jun 21, 2016

Gangaa: Prabha takes widow avtaar, will plan to separate Ganga (Aditi Sharma) and Sagar (Vishal Vashishtha) forever

The upcoming episodes of Ganga will show a new twist starting to come up in Sagar and Ganga’s life which will separate the lovers. Just after the dhongi baba gets caught, a new drama takes place as Sagar’s uncle Ratan decides to leave the house. Ratan is fed up with the back lash from society after Yash gets caught for murdering Janvi. Ratan leaves the house and Prabha is distraught. Sagar and his family come to know about Ratan going missing and they immediately start searching for him.

However, Sagar gets a call from the police informing him about a dead body being found. The family reaches the morgue to identify the body and everyone gets a huge shock realizing that that Ratan has died. The family mourns Ratan’s death and Sagar’s house is filled with sadness once again. Prabha changes into white clothes taking up a widow’s avtaar. Prabha decides to cut her hair being a widow but Ganga stops her saying that she should not punish herself for the death of her husband.

Sagra’s mother is worried for Prabha thinking that she will have to live all alone and ask Ammaji whether he can live with them. However, Ammaji is reluctant as she knows that Prabha is shrewd and cunning and would spoil the happiness of the house.  It will now be seen that Prabha too would live in Sagar’s house and she will try to take revenge from Sagar and Ganga for Yash’s imprisonment and Ratan’s death. While Ganga and Sagar try to rekindle the romance between them, Prabha will make sure that the two lovers get separated forever. Stay tuned to get more interesting and exciting updates for the upcoming track of your favorite show Gangaa.


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