Gangaa: Prabha’s evil tricks just before Sagar and Ganga wedding

Jul 07, 2016

Gangaa: Sagar (Vishal Vashishtha) and Ganga’s (Aditi Sharma) life in danger from poison laden pan

Sagar and Ganga’s exciting wedding track has already started off in & TV’s show Gangaa which shows the family happily preparing for Ganga and Sagar’s union. While the household is filled with celebratory mood, Prabha burns is jealousy seeing everyone being happy as she desperately wants to ruin Sagar and Ganga’s happiness. Prabha plays an evil trick amid the haldi ceremony where she puts a live wire inside the water bucket which would be used to wash off the haldi from Ganga and Sagar.

However, just before Sagar can touch the water bucker, Rudra sees the livewire and puts the main switch off. Sagar gets saved and everyone praises Rudra for turning into Sagar’s savior. Later Ganga hears Prabha and other ladies talking about Ganga’s widow status being inauspicious for Sagar. Ganga starts believing that Sagar’s life got in danger because of her. However, Sagar helps Ganga gets rid of the guilt and asks her to look forward for their happy times ahead.

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The wedding day arrives and both Sagar and Ganga are dressed as bride and groom waiting for the wedding ceremony to begin. However, Prabha has another evil plan up her sleeves as she adds a poisonous powder in the pan which would be consumed by Ganga and Sagar. Ganga gets the poison laden pan and Sagar also gets it. However, both Ganga and Sagar will not consume the poisonous pan and their lives will be saved.

Although Ganga and Sagar will be saved, the massive twist will take place soon as Ganga will become unconscious just before the wedding and the family will discover her pregnancy. This will be the biggest turning point in the show which will shatter Ganga and Sagar’s relationship forever. Stay tuned to get more updates on your favorite show Gangaa.


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