Gangaa: Ragini assumes herself being Sagar’s future wife

Jun 27, 2016

Gangaa: Ganga (Aditi Sharma) starts getting jealous seeing Ragini’s fascination for Sagar (Vishal Vashishtha)

The current track of Gangaa shows that finally, Ammaji decides to get Ganga and Sagar married to each other. After being against their relationship for a long time, Ammaji eventually puts aside all her inhibitions and accepts Ganga as her to be daughter in law.

While Sagar and Ganga are in bliss thinking about their relationship moving forward, another big danger looms in the background for the star crossed lovers. A few days back, a new character named Ragini entered the show being Sagar and Ganga’s childhood friend. Ragini is mentally unstable and has run away from her house. Sagar and Ganga along with Ammaji and Ragini visit a party where Ganga is warned to be careful of Ragini getting close to Sagar.

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Ragini is very fond of Sagar and insists on being with him and this makes Ganga jealous. Sagar notices Ganga being envious of Ragini and asks her not to pay attention to her as she is childish. However, both Ganga and Sagar are not aware that very soon, Ragini will become the biggest hurdle in the path of their love.

It will now be seen that Ganga will have a box full of jewelry and Sagar tells Ragini that the jewelry belongs to his future wife. Ragini has started to get fascinated with Sagar and will think that she will get married to him. Ragini will starts wearing the jewelry thinking that they rightfully belong to her as she will marry Sagar.

Evil woman Prabha will see this and will think that she will use Ragini as a pawn to make sure that Sgara and Ganga never marry with each other. Besides this, Ragini’s brother Rudra too makes dramatic entry on the show and viewers will get to see  a new love triangle starting develop amid Sagar Ganga and Rudra.

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