Gangaa: Rudra to make a re-entry and turn cupid for Sagar and Ganga to patch up

Oct 03, 2016

Gangaa: Sagar (Vishal Vashishtha) realizes that he is Krishna’s father and will make attempts to reunite with Ganga (Aditi Sharma)

& TV’s show Gangaa is currently showing a massive twist in the storyline as Sagar finally comes to know that he is Krishna’s father. Krishna become unconscious after being kidnapped and Sagar rushes her to the hospital. At the hospital, Sagar comes to know that Krishna has a hole in her heart and he suddenly realizes that she is his daughter as he too had the same ailment as a child. Sagar is filled with deep guilt and he kept Krishna away from a father’s love for so many years. Sagar feels guilty for not believing Ganga when she claimed that he was the father of her child. Krishna’s surgery takes place and Sagar tells the doctor that he will bear all the expenses. However, Ganga firmly refuses for it saying that she is both father and mother to Krishna and she will bear all the expenses for her treatment. As Sagar comes to know that he is Krishna’s father, he will try to make up for all his ill deeds of the past and will want to patch up with Ganga. However, Ganga will not be ready for this as she has lost all trust and faith in Sagar. It will now be seen that Rudra will soon make a re-entry in Sagar and Ganga’s life. Before the, time leap, Rudra was shown to get arrested on false charges of killing Rahat. However, Rudra will now be shown making a comeback ad he will act as a catalyst to bring Sagar and Ganga together once again. While Ganga will want to stay away from Sagar, Rudra will be seen helping Sagar to patch up with Ganga and reunite as a family. This will mark the re-entry of Deepak Wadhwa aka Rudra on the show who had quit the series a couple of moths back. Stay tuned for more updates on Gangaa.

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