Gangaa: Rudra turns Rapist and murderer and Ganga fights against him

Aug 07, 2016

Gangaa: Ganga (Aditi Sharma) turns lawyer, Zoya gets revealed to be Sagar’s (Vishal Vashishtha) half sister

& TV’s show Gangaa is all set to move to a new track where Rudra emerges as a criminal and Ganga fights to get him punished. Raahat faces a sudden tragedy when her daughter Zoya returns home in a bartered condition and reveals that she has been raped and her husband Akhtar has been killed. Rahat, Ganga and the rest of their house members are shocked to hear this tragic news. Ganga coaxes Zoya to file a complaint in the police station so that the culprit is caught and punished. With the help of Ganga, Zoya and Rahat reach the police station and complain about the rape and murder charges. The police asks for the description of the culprit but Zoya is not in a state of mind to describe him. On the other hand, a shocking twist takes place as Rudra is a seen with a wound on his body. Rudra tries to hide the wound from the family and also asks Ragini not to mention about it to anyone. Rudra has so far been a positive character on the show and he also helped to reveal Prabha’s evil face to the Chatyrvedi family. However, very soon, Ganga will get a big shock as Zoya will help to make the culprit’s sketch and he will turn out to be none other than Rudra. Ganga will reach Chaturvedi house and will blame Rudra of killing Zoya’s husband and raping her. Chaturvedi family will not believe Ganga and Zoya’s words and a court case will start off. Ganga will turn into Zoya’s lawyer and eventually Zoya’s truth will also emerge being Niranjan’s daughter. Seems like the makers of the show are adding a high dose of twist to the show in order to grab attention of viewers.  Let’s wait and see how this track will affect Sagar and Ganga’s relationship.

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