Gangaa: Ruhana Khanna returns as Ganga’s daughter post time leap

Aug 02, 2016

Gangaa: Ruhana Khanna to make a comeback playing Ganga (Aditi Sharma) and Sagar’s (Vishal Vashishtha) daughter

Here is some exciting new for all fans of & TV’s show Gangaa. News going around is that the series is all set to go in for another time leap very soon. The current track of the show is focused on Ganga being pregnant and breaking all her ties with Sagar and Chaturvedi family. Sagar thinks that Ganga betrayed him but he secretly helps her to get back to her education and finish her law degree. However, Ganga does not know about Sagar’s efforts to help her out and the misunderstandings about him increase further more .It will soon be seen that Ganga will fall into more trouble as Supriya will visit her house for some festival. Prabha will play an evil trick and will spill oil on the floor. Supriya slips and falls on the ground and Ganga will rush her to the hospital. Sagar and his family will think that Gaga is responsible for Supriya’s condition. However, the truth will soon be out that Ptabha is the real culprit and Ganga is innocent. Very soon, the series will go in for another time leap and Ganga will be seen with a grown up daughter. The good news is that the popular child actor Ruhana Khanna will make a comeback on the show playing the role of Ganga’s daughter. Ruhana became quite popular playing the role of young Ganga and the makers are planning of cash in in on her popularity by getting her back as Ganga’s daughter. Although Ruhana is still seen in some flashback sequences, very soon she will be playing a completely new character.   With Ganga going in for another time leap, it is likely that a number of new faces will be introduced whereas some existing characters may leave the show. Let’s wait and see whether the show is able to boost its popularity with the newt leap track.

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