Gangaa: Ruhana Khanna’s power packed comeback in post leap track as Ganga’s daughter

Aug 23, 2016

Gangaa: Ganga (Aditi Sharma) and Sagar (Vishal Vashishtha) to share a matured love story alongside daughter Krishna (Ruhana Khanna)

& TV’s popular and long running show Gangaa is all set to go in for a time leap very soon. This will be the second time leap of the show, as the first one took place almost 8 months back. While the first time leap showed child actress Ruhana Khanna getting replaced by Aditi Sharma as the lead character, the second time leap will bring Ruhana back, who is the original star of the show. The promo of the leap track has already started appearing on TV and it shows Ganga having a grown up daughter named Krishna who will be played by Ruhana. Krishna is seen dressed in Lord Krishna avtaar and breaking the Dahi Handi during the Janmashtami festival. Ganga aka Aditu Sharma is seen chasing her daughter and it clearly shows that Ganga has her hands full taking care of bubbly and cheerful Krishna. Although Krishna’s father Sagar is not to be seen in the promo initially, he makes an entry at the last moment getting out of a swanky car and looking like a matured person. The post leap track of Gangaa will shows Swara and Ganga’s love story moving forward after they have been separated for so many years. Sagar dn Ganga have always been star crossed lovers who have never been able to unite with each other despite of being very close to one another. The current track of Gangaa is showing that the misunderstandings between Ganga and Sagar are increasing more and more and these misunderstandings will keep the two lovers apart in the post leap track too. Besides this, ardent viewers of Gangaa will also be extremely excited to see Ruhana Khanna back on the show as she won hearts of audiences playing the original Ganga. Stay tuned for more interesting updates on the upcoming track of Gangaa.

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