Gangaa: Sagar and Ganga consummate relation before marriage

Jun 29, 2016

Gangaa: Sagar (Vishal Vashishtha) gets drugged amid bachelors party and gets physically close to Ganga (Aditi Sharma)

Fans of & TV’s show Gangaa have to brace themselves for some hot and sultry moments coming up ahead on the show. The current track is focusing on the growing romance between Sagar and Ganga after Ammaji announces that she will get the two of them married. However, Ganga and Sagar face some trouble from Ragini who is mentally unstable and has started to get attracted towards Sagar.

Sagar gets into trouble as Ragini dresses up like Ganga and enters Sagar’s room in the middle of the night. While Sagar will try hard to prove his innocence, the family will finally accept that Sagar is innocent. Soon after, the Chaturvedi family members will start their preparations for Ganga and Sgaar’s marriage.

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The upcoming episodes will show that a bachelors party will get organized for Sagar. Sagar’s friends will challenge him to get Ganga to consume a drink. Pulkit will tell Supriya about this and Supriya will immediately make Ganga aware about this challenge. However, Ganga will turn the tables on Sagar and will make him have the drink instead of her. However, the twist will be revealed later as the drink would have been spiked by Prabha who is keen to create trouble for Ganga and Sagar.

After consuming the drink, Sagar will lose his senses and will start to act strangely. While viewers will expect to see Sagar getting into a big trouble, there will be a pleasant surprise as Sagar and Ganga will come close to each other while Sagar is still under the effect of the drug. Romance will crackle between Sagar and Ganga as they will start getting intimate with each other and finally the two lovers will consummate their relationship. However, Ganga and Sagar’s physical intimacy before marriage will get them into big trouble as the family will come to know about this.

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