Gangaa: Sagar and Ganga’s blindfold love scene brings them closer

Jan 05, 2017


Gangaa: Niranjan plans out a special blindfold game for Ganga (Aditi Sharma) and Sagar (Vishal Vashishtha) to get them closer

& TVs show Gangaa in all set to bring a sizzling romantic sequence ahead as Sagar and Gangaa will share some close moments together. As already reported earlier, Gangaa serial is all set to go in for a leap and this will bring an end to Ganga and Sagar’s love story. However, before this happens the two lovebirds will share a hot romantic moment together. It will soon be seen that Niranjan will get cured of blood cancer and this will bring about happiness in the Chaturvedi family. However, after Niranjan recovers, he will notice that Sagar and Ganga still have differences between them. Niranjan will plan to remove the bitterness and differences between Sagar and Ganga and therefore she will plan out a game for them. Niranjan will make Sagar wear a blindfold and he will have to put make up on Ganga’s face. Sagar will struggle doing the task and will have to touch Ganga’s face sensuously in order to apply the make-up. The scene will turn sizzling as Sagar’s fingers will run over Ganga’s face, lips and neck. The much loved romance of Ganga and Sagar will be revived once again. Looks like ardent Ganga and Sagar fans will have a big treat ahead for them. Stay tuned for more updates on & TVs show Gangaa.

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