Gangaa: Sagar calls Krishna worthless and Krishna starts hating him

Sep 20, 2016

Gangaa: Sagar (Vishal Vashishtha) and Ganga’s (Aditi Sharma) bitter fight after Pulkit and Kashish’s love affair gets exposed

The upcoming episodes of & TV’s show Gangaa will show Krishna starting to hate Sagar after he breaks her heart. In the current track it is seen that another big storm enters in Sagar’s house as everyone comes to know about Pulkit and Kashish’s affair. Sagar receives a video from an unknown man and the video shows Pulkit and Kashish hugging each other intimately. Sagar and his family are shocked seeing this video and realize that Pulkit is having an affair with Kashish. On the other hand, Krishna falls very ill and asks Ganga to make her meet Sagar once. Krishna has got very attached to Sagar in a short time and keeps insisting Ganga to let her meet her junglee uncle before he leaves for London. As fate would have it, Sagar himself lands up at Ganga’s house. However, Sagar is a very bad mood as he meets Ganga and tells her about Pulkit and Kashish’s affair. Sagar accuses Kashish of trying to trap Pulkit knowing that he is a married man. Ganga is stunned hearing this and defends Kashish as she trusts her and knows that she would never do such a thing. However, this makes Sagar very angry as Ganga is once again going against him and his family. Ganga and Sagar once again have their bitter agreements and Sagar ends up saying hurtful words to Ganga which makes her very upset. However, the most heartbreaking moment will soon take place as Krishna will see Sagar near her house and will run to meet him. Krishna will ask Sagar to take her with him to London but Sagar will disregard Krishna. Sagar will also call Krishna and her mother worthless and his bitter words will hurt Krishna immensely. Ganga will be very angry with Sagar for hurting Krishna and she will forbid Krishna for every trying to meet Sagar again. Let’s wait and see what happens once Sagar comes to know about Krishna being his own daughter.

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