Gangaa: Sagar caught with Ragini assuming her to be Ganga

Jun 29, 2016

Gangaa: Rudra to accuses Sagar (Vishal Vashishtha) of taking advantage of Ragini while Ganga (Aditi Sharma) is distraught

Sagar lands up in a huge problem once again as he is caught in an intimate position with Ragini in the current track of Ganga. The show focusses on Sagar and Ganga’s romantic moments together where Sagar is trying to get Ganga to give him a kiss. Ganga shies away and Sagar tells her that her that he will not come close to her unless she makes the first move. On the other hand, Prabha comes to know about Ragini’s fascination for Sagar and decides to use Ragini to crate big trouble for Ganga and Sagar. Prabha meets Ragini and tell her that she knows about her feelings for Sagar. Prabha instigates Ragini saying that he brother Rudra will never allow her to marry Sagar and therefor Ganga will marry him. Ragini is not mentally stable and she gets into Prabha’s words as she asks her to follow her instructions carefully. Prabha gets one of Ganga’s saree and ask Prabha to dress up in it. Prabha also leaves Ragini’s hair open just like Ganga and she sends her into Sagar’s room. Sagar sees someone dressed in a saree in his room in the middle of the night but is not able to see her face as the lights are off. Sagar thinks that Ganga has come back to spends some time with him and he starts getting close to her. However, Sagar does not realize that the woman in his room is Ragini and not Ganga. It will now be seen that Rudra will come looking for Ragini and will be shocked finding her in Sagar’s room in an intimate position. The rest of the family along with Ganga will also be there and Sagar will find himself stuck in an awkward situation. This wills bring about a huge twist for Sagar and Ganga as Rudra will create big hurdle in their relationship. Also Read:

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