Gangaa: Sagar, Krishna and many others to exit the show, Ganga starts new life

Dec 29 , 2016 | | One Comments

Gangaa to undergo complete change in storyline where entire cast will be eliminated except for Aditi Sharma aka Ganga

& TV’s long running show Gangaa is all set to bring in a huge change in its storyline. It was reported a few weeks back that Ganga would undergo a change in concept where the show would turn into a mythological drama.

However, the latest update is that the makers of the show are no longer planning to take on the mythological route due to financial constraints. Instead, the makers are planning to change the entire concept of the show and there will be a huge make-over amid the cast members. Shockingly, the makers of Gangaa are planning to eliminate the entire cast of the show except for the lead actress Aditi Sharma aka Gangaa. This means that lead actor Vishal Vashishtha and child star Ruhana Khanna will also make an exit.

News reports suggest that Ganga will start off a completely new life with a new family and therefore some new cast members will be added to the show. The makers of Gangaa are currently on the lookout for the new cast members and it is being speculated that the new track will begin in January 2017. The current set of actors who will exit the show have already been informed that 15th January will be their last date of shooting. The news about this massive change has already been confirmed by some of the cast members like Hiten Tejwani and Roop Durgapal.

The new concept of the show is still being finalized by the makers. Let’s wait and see what will be Gangaa’s new journey with the introduction of the new storyline. Stay tuned for more updates on & TV’s show Gangaa.

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One thought on “Gangaa: Sagar, Krishna and many others to exit the show, Ganga starts new life”

  1. I don’t understand why ruin the show by eliminating all the cast? Without krishna, Sagar and the family it won’t be the same! Why not just end the show in good terms and make another storyline with the main lead actress? Not happy @ all! I’ve been watching Ganga from the very beginning hoping for a happy ending and now it’s being spoilt! Not sure want to carry on watching ! What a shame.

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