Gangaa: Sagar saves Ganga from goons but refuses to trust her

Jul 19, 2016

Gangaa: Ganga (Aditi Sharma) takes up job as nurse and Sagar (Vishal Vashishtha) is upset

Sagar will soon come to Ganga’s rescue in the upcoming episodes of & TV’s show Ganga. Ganga decides to take up a job to support herself and her unborn child. Rahat suggests Ganga to continue with her education but Ganga feels that she needs money and can complete her education later. One of Ganga’s housemate offers to take Ganga to the hospital and get her a job there. Ganga reaches the hospital but is not aware that Sagar is present there too along with Supriya. Ganga is called in the doctor’s cabin and the doctor has a misunderstanding about Ganga being a patient. The doctor asks Ganga questions about her pregnancy and also asks the name of the father of her baby. Sagar reaches there and overhears the conversation as he too is determined to know the name of the person who has made Ganga pregnant. However, Ganga does not reveal the name of the father saying that she is the only one for her child. Ganga’s friend comes there and tells the doctor that Ganga is not a patient and instead she has come there for a job. The doctor offers Ganga the job and asks her to change into her nurse clothes. When Ganga moves out of the doctor’s cabin, Sagar confronts her and asks her why she is did divulge the father’s name. Sagar also asks Ganga why she has taken up the job and left behind her law studies. Ganga is shocked by Sagar’s accusation and is hurt knowing that he still does not trust her. However, Sagar loves Ganga and cares for her deeply and it will soon be seen that Sagar will reach Ganga’s new house while they get attacked by goons. Sagar will save Ganga from the goons but this will not help to mend their broken relationship.

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