Gangaa: Sagar tries to convince Ganga of Zoya being evil

Aug 18, 2016

Gangaa: Niranjan-Rahat’s daughter Zoya revealed as real villain, Sagar (Vishal Vashishtha) to convince Ganga (Aditi Sharma) for it

The current track of & TV’s Gangaa has introduced another twist with a new villain emerging on the show. Till now it was believed that Rudra has raped Zoya and killed her husband Akhtar. However, Rudra gets proven innocent in court. Rahat and Ganga reach Chaturvedi house and accuse Niranjan for giving a wrong decision against his own daughter. Rahat reveals the truth in front of everyone that Zoya is Niranjan’s daughter but Ammaji never let him know the truth. Niranjan refuses to believe and maaji too refuses to accept the accusations against her. Rahat is hurt and distressed ad Niranjan does not accept Zoya as his daughter. However, Rahat is not aware that he daughter Zoya is actually an evil person who has trapped Rudra. Zoya’s truth gets revealed as she is in love with Rudra but Rudra rejected her. It also gets revealed that Zoya is the one who killed her husband and falsely accused Rudra of rape. Zoya wants Rudra to accept her and marry her or else she will go against him in high court. However, Rudra is not ready to bow down to Zoya’s demands. It will now be seen that Ganga will blindly support Zoya and will go against Rudra and the Chaturvedi family in high court. Sagar and Ganga will once again be at loggerheads. However, the upcoming episodes will show Rudra showing Sagar the evidence against Zoya where she is threatening him. Sagar will decide to inform Ganga about Zoya’s truth before she files the case in high court. Let’s wait and whether Ganga comes to know the truth about evil Zoya before it’s too late.

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