Gangaa: Sagar turns selfish lover saving Ganga from goons

Jul 20, 2016

Gangaa: Sagar (Vishal Vashishtha) continues to remain worried for Ganga (Aditi Sharma) and reaches to save her from goons

The current track of Gangaa shows that Sagar continues to love and care for Ganga and get restless when he comes to know that she has left her studies as a lawyer to take up a job. Sagar has concern for Ganga but Sagar’a family continues to feel ashamed of her. Ammaji gets taunted by religious ladies because of Ganga and Prabha instigates the family further more against Ganga. Prabha sees Sagar being lost in thoughts and realizes that he still has feelings for Ganga. Prabha wants to make sure that Sagar hates Ganga so much that there never is a chance for them to unite. Prabha tells Sagar that she saw Ganga with a rich and handsome man who must be the father of her child. Sagar wonders why the man is not taking care of Ganga and allowing her to work in the hospital as a nurse. Sagar reaches the hospital to find out the truth from Ganga but does not find her there. Sagar somehow manages to get Ganga’s house address and reaches Rahat’s house. On the other hand, Ganga’s housemate Prema is in danger from some goons who want to take her back to the brothel. The goons reach Rahat’s house and start attacking the ladies. While Ganga and the rest of the girls are trying to save themselves from the goons, Sagar reaches there. It will now be seen that Sagar will display his selfish love for Ganga and ask the goons to do whatever they want with the other girls but they should not harm Ganga. Ganga is shocked seeing Sagar’s behavior and cant believe that he has turned so selfish. Will Sagar realize his mistake? Will Ganga be able to accept Sagar back? Stay tuned for more interesting updates on Gangaa.

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