Gangaa:  Sagar will not remember consummating relationship with Ganga

Jul 04, 2016

Gangaa: Sagar (Vishal Vashishtha) fills Ganga’s (Aditi Sharma) hairline with blood before consummation

Fans of & TV’s show Ganga will now witness a big turning point in the show with Ganga and Sagar’s marriage taking place. The family decides to have a small party before the wedding where Sagar’s friends are present along with some on Ganga’s friends. Sagar’s friends challenge him to make Ganga have a cold drink although she does not want it. Prabha looks on happily as she has spiked the drink and certain that Sagar will make her have it.

However, Supriya informs Ganga that Sagar has been challenged by his friends and therefore she thinks that she will trap Sagar in his own gameplan. Ganga tells Sagar that she cannot consume anything before him and therefore she should take the drink first.

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Ganga and the rest of the family coax Sagar to have the dink and he finally he admits to lose the challenge and gulps down the drink not knowing that it has been spiked. Prabha looks on being disappointed as she realizes that her plan has flopped. Sagar becomes intoxicated and brings Ganga in the corridor away from everyone. Sagar starts getting romantic with Ganga and Ganga wonders what has happened to him.

It will now be see that Ganga will get a big shock when Sagar will bring her to her bedroom in the night. Ganga will be tensed and will warn Sagar that they should not come close before they are married to each other. However, Sagar will dramatically cut his finger and will fill Ganga’s hairline with his blood. It has already been reported earlier that Sagar and Ganga will consummate their relationship before their wedding. However, Sagar is under the effect of the drug and will not remember his first night with Ganga.  Stay tuned to get more exciting updates for the upcoming track of the show

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