Gangaa, Santoshi Maa, Badho Bahu help Manu of Waaris fame amid Navratri

Oct 04, 2016

Gangaa, Santoshi Maa, Badho Bahu and Waaris to have joined Mahaepisode to celebrate Navratri festival

Viewers of & TV channel will soon witness a big treat as there will be a Mahaepisode to celebrate the Navratri festival. Currently, & TV is showcasing some very good shows like Santoshi Maa, Gangaa, Badho Bahu, Waaris etc. and these show will have a combined episode which will be filled with celebrations as well as drama. The lead characters from Santoshi Maa, Gangaa and Badho Bahu will be seen together doing Aarti of Goddess and celebrating the Navratri festival. Santoshi, Gangaa and Badho are very strong characters who have fought against all odds to reach their goals and achieve their dreams. The three ladies will be see coming together and celebrating the happy moments in each other’s company. However, Santoshi, Ganga and Badho will also be joined my little Manu of Waaris fame. Manu has come to know the stark reality she is not a boy but a girl. Santoshi , Ganga and Badho will be seen cheering up Manu and making her believe that nothing is wrong in being a girl. Manu feels that she is no longer strong and courageous as she is a girl but the three women will help her to remove these false beliefs so that she can be happy about being a girl. The combination Mahaepisode will be filled with many more dramatic moments and will surely be packed with entertainment for viewers.

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