Gangaa: This is how Sagar will find out biggest truth about Krishna

Oct 01, 2016

Gangaa: Sagar (Vishal Vashishtha) realizes Krishna is daughter and will try to win over Ganga’s (Aditi Sharma) heart

Fans of & TV’s show Ganga will spoon witness the major twist in the storyline where Sagar will finally come to know that he is Krishna’s father. Currently viewers are getting to see Krishna going missing and being kidnapped. Soon, Sagar will turn out to be savior for Krishna and will land up to save her from the goons Sagar will bravely fight against the kidnappers and will succeed to free Krishna. However, amid all the fights and ruckus, Krishna will suddenly fall unconscious and Sagar will be worried for her. Sagar will immediately rush Krishna to the hospital and it is at this point that there will be a major revelation for Sagar. The doctors will check Krishna and will come to know that she has a hole in her heart. This will come as a big shock to Sagar as he too had a hole in his heart in childhood. Sagar will find out from the doctor that Krishna’s condition is genetic and Sagar will be shocked as he will immediately understand that Krishna is his daughter. While Niranjan was already convinced about Krishna being Sagar’s daughter, Madhvi, Ammaji and the rest of the family too will get a big shock realizing the truth about Krishna’s paternity. Will Sagar try to bring back Ganga in his life after knowing this truth? Will Ganga agree to return to Sagar? Stay tuned for more updates on Gangaa

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