Gangaa turns into mythological show with Ganga Maa & Shantanu as leads

Nov 22, 2016

Gangaa: & TV’s show Gangaa goes in for complete change in track as Ganga (Aditi Sharma) will turn into Ganga Maa and Sagar (Vishal Vashishtha) will become Shantanu

& TV’s show Gangaa is soon going to spring up a big surprise for viewers as the storyline of the show will take a complete twist.  The show started off almost 2 years back and was initially based on the life of a little girl named Ganga who became a widow in a childhood itself as her husband died on the same day of her marriage. The show focused on the journey of Ganga dealing with society and breaking all social norms to carve her own path. The shop then moved in for a time leap and the focus shifted on Ganga’s love story with Sagar. Although Sagar and Ganga’s love was pure, the two could never unite with each other despite having a baby together. The show took another leap a few months back and Gangaa and Sagar’s daughter Krishna became the central character of the show. Krishna’s sole aim is to get her parents united so that they can live as a happy family. Once Ganga and Sagar unite, the makers of the show are planning to introduce another major change in the storyline. News going around is that Ganga will go in for a complete revamp as the makers are planning to turn the show from a romantic drama to a mythological series.  In the upcoming episodes, viewers will get to see that Ammaji will tell Krishna the story of Ganga Maa and Shantanu while they sit at the Ganga Ghat. The lead actress of the show Aditi Sharma will be seen as Ganga Maa whereas Vishal Vashishtha will be seen as Shantanu. Ganga will have a complete change of look as she will be seen wearing heavy jewelry and ethnic sarees as compared to her current subdued look. News is that this change in track will be introduced sometime in December. Stay tuned for more updates on Gangaa.

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