Ghulam: Here’s why Rangeela jumped into well without caring for his life

Feb 05, 2017

Ghulam: Rangeela (Param Singh) fulfills his duty to Veer by jumping into well without caring for his life

Life Ok’s show Rangeela has managed to capture the hearts of the viewers with its interesting storyline.  It is already seen how Shivani (Niti Taylor) is facing many troubles in Veer’s household and her life has turned completely miserable. Moreover, Rangeela is not able to do anything to help Shivani as he is servant for Veer and only follows his orders. Rangeela has total and complete devotion towards Veer and will do anything for him. It will now be seen that Rangeela will risk his life in a big way for the sake of the Veer and his family. Manpreet will fall into the well and Veer and his men will get panicked to see this. While everyone tries to save Manpreet, Rangeela reaches there and is shocked seeing Manpreet in the well. Without thinking about his own wellbeing, Rangeela jumps into the well and saves Manpreet’ life. The well is deep and dangerous but Rangeela does not bother about himself and does his duty for his master. Rangeela saves Manpreet and proves that he is indeed the true Ghulam. Will Rangeela be able to show this kind of bravery to save Shivani too? Stay tuned for more updates on Life Ok’s show Ghulam.

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