Ghulam: Rangeela guilty and Mamaji accuses him of ruining Shivani’s life

Jan 24, 2017

Ghulam: Shivani (Niti Taylor) distraught as Bheema plans to fight against her uncle, Rangeela (Param Singh) feels guilty for Mamaji’s accusations

The upcoming episodes of Life Ok’s show Ghulam will now show Shivani getting into more trouble as her uncle comes to Berahampur to save her. Viewers will get to see that Shivani’s mamaji will reach Berahampur and will question Rangeela about Shivani. Mama thinks that Rangeela is Shivani’s husband and he questions Rangeela about Shivani’s condition. Rangeela had done a drama of marrying Shivani as he was following Bheema’s orders who ended up marrying Shivani. However, Mamaji does not know that Bheema is Shivani’s husband and he demands to meet Shivani and rescue her. However, Bheema comes there and starts misbehaving with Mama. Bheema also asks Mama to wrestle with him if he wants Shivani back. Mama will be ready to wrestle with Bheema and Bheema’s goons will laugh delightfully knowing that Bheema will crush Mamaji’s bones. Just then Shivani will come in and will be distraught seeing Mamaji in trouble. Shivani will fall to Thakur’s feet asking him to make Bheema spare her uncle. Shivani will also beg and plead Bheema but her words will be taken as a joke by Bheema. Will Rangeela step in to save Shivani’s uncle against Bheema? Stay tuned for more updates and news on Life OK’s show Ghulam.

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