Ghulam: Rangeela slapped by Veer for saving Shivani’s life

Jan 30, 2017

Ghulam: Rangeela (Param Singh) goes against Veer and saves Shivani’s (Niti Taylor) life but gets punished for it

Life Ok’s show Ghulam will soon showcase the high intensity drama where Veer’s Ghulam Rangeela will go against his master for the first time for Shivani’s sake. It has already been reported earlier that Veer will unleash is cruelty on Shivani and her uncle as he will challenge Shivani’s uncle to fight a wrestling game with him. Shivani comes out of the house without his permission and Veer is furious about this. Veer decides to punish Shivani and therefore he asks her to witness his wrestling match with her uncle. Shivani is scared for her uncle as she knows that Veer will trash him up. It will now be seen that Veer and Shivani’s uncle will fight against each other in a wrestling match. However, Shivani will also be tortured as she will be tied up against a cot and suspended in midair. Shivani will have to witness the fight from midair and at the same time she will also be scared for her life as she will die if she falls. Shivani will struggle to save herself and finally, her rope will give away and she will fall. However, when Shivani falls, Rangeela will rush under her and catch her in his arms. Veer will be furious seeing this and will slap Rangeela for saving Shivani. Rangeela will have to pay the brunt of going against Veer but this will also mark the beginning of a strong bond between Rangeela and Shivani. Stay tuned for more updates on Life Ok’s show Ghulam.

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