Ghulam serial: Shivani’s torturous Shudhikaran before first night with Veer

Jan 21, 2017

Ghulam serial: Gulguli makes Shivani (Niti Taylao) take bath with cold water to purify her as Rangeela (Param Singh) had carried her in  his arms

Life Ok’s show Ghulam is soon going to showcase some high intensity drama where Shivani will once again have to face torture from her family. Shivani’s mother in law Gulguli will decide to do a special bathing ceremony for Shivani where she has to sit in the middle of the room wearing all her clothes and pots full of water will be thrown on her. This ritual will be called the Shudhikaran ritual and Gulguli will want Shivani to do the bathing ritual before her first night with Veer. Gulguli is upset about the fact that Rangeela had carried Shivani in his arms and therefore she want to cleanse Shivani before she spends her wedding night with Veer. Although Shivani is not at fault and is completely innocent, she has to bear the punishment as her evil mother in law Gulguli will enforce it on her. Shivani is trapped by Veer and his family and she will not have any option but to follow Gulguli’s orders. Shivani will shiver as the cold water is poured over her. This is only the beginning of Shivani’s torture as she will face more trouble once she is left all alone with Veer for the wedding night. Stay tuned for more updates on Life Ok’s show Ghulam.

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