Ghulam: Shivani decides to shoot herself to keep Veer away from her

Jan 19, 2017

Ghulam: Shivani (Niti Taylor) begs Veer not to slap her and Veer complies

Life OK’s show Ghulam is soon going to showcase some high intensity drama as Shivani will point a gun on her head to save herself from Veer. Veer wants to kill Shivani and makes several attempts to harm her. However, Shivani gets saved in every attempt. Shivani tries several ways to escape from Veer’s tortures but finds herself getting trapped more and more. In the upcoming episodes of the show it will be seen that Veer will enter into Shivani’s room and Shivani will be completely scared and petrified. Shivani will immediately take a gun and threaten to shoot herself if Veer comes closer. Shivani will ask Veer to stay away from her or else she will kill herself. Veer will try to slap Shivani but Shivani will beg Veer not to harm her. Shivani will remind Veer that he had promised to his mother that he will not harm Shivani. Shivani will also remind Veer his mother’s words that Veer will not be able to survive if Shivani gets killed. Shivani is very important factor in Veer’s life and Veer stop himself form harming Shivani hearing her words. Stay tuned for more updates and news on Life OK’s show Ghulam.

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