Ghulam: Shivani escapes taking help from eunuchs

Feb 03, 2017

Ghulam: Shivani (Niti Taylor) escape from the tortures of Veer’s house and Rangeela (Param Singh) sets forth to search for her

Life Ok’s new show Ghulam is all set to showcase some high voltage drama as Shivani will get a Golden opportunity to escape from the captivity of her marital home. Shivani has been tortured a lot by her husband and his family. Right from abduction, to insult to mental harassment, Shivani has faced every possible trouble in the household of Berahampur. Veer makes sure to make Shivani’s life living hell while Rangeela cannot do much to save her. Shivani is also given a cruel punishment of cutting hundreds on onions and she has to do it silently without protecting. It will now be seen that Shivani will get a golden opportunity to escape from this torture along with Rashmi. A group of eunuchs will enter the house and will dance with the women of the house. Rashami will be asked to dance along with the eunuchs and compete with them. However, the eunuchs have secret mission to save Shivani and Rashmi. The eunuchs surround Gulguli and distract her so that Shivani and Rashami can escape. Shivani and Rashmi make use of the situation and run away from there. Let’s wait and see whether Shivani is able to escape before being caught by Veer or his Ghulam Rangeela. Stay tuned for more updates on Life OK’s show Ghulam.

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