Ghulam: Shivani gives away her blood for Rangeela’s happiness

Feb 06, 2017

Ghulam: Shivani (Niti Taylor) donates her blood for Rangeela’s (Param Singh) friend and this helps them come closer

Life Ok’s show Ghulam will soon show a track which will bring Rangeela and Shivani closer to each other as Shivani helps Rangeela indirectly. It will be seen that one of Rangeela’s friend will be hospitalized and will be in severe need of blood as he has a rare blood group. Rangeela’s friend’s wife Manju will request Rangeela to help her out and Rangeela will know that Shivani has the same blood group which is required. Rangeela will ask Manju to go to Shivani and reuest her to help for blood donation. Manju will reach the house and meet Shivani and will beg her to help her out by donating blood for her husband. Shivani is willing to help Manju but her biggest trouble is that she cannot get out of the house. At this point, Gulguli will see Manju and will scold her. Manju will request Gulguli to allow Shivani to donate blood but Gulguli will disrespect Manju and will kick her out. Rangeela will then go directly to Shivani and will ask her for help. Will Shivani be able to face all odds to help out Rangeela’s friend? Will Shivani’s attempts to bring Rangeela and Shivani closer? Stay tuned for more updates on Ghulam.

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