Ghulam: Shivani punished harshly by Veer for stepping out of house

Jan 28, 2017

Ghulam: Veer reveals to Shivani’s (Niti Taylor) mamaji that Rangeela (Param Singh) did fake marriage with Shivani as he is his Ghulam

Life Ok’ show Ghulam is now going to show Veer’s extreme torture and cruelty on Shivani’s uncle and Shivani will be witness to this heinous event. Viewers will get to see that Shivani’s Mamaji will come to Berahampur and he will want to meet Shivani. Mamaji thinks that Rangeela is Shivani’s husband and he will questions Rangeela about Shivani’s whereabouts. However, Veer will come there and will start to insult mamaji. Veer will reveal to Mamaji that he is Shivani’s husband and had forced Rangeela to do fake marriage with her. Veer says that Rangeela had taken the wedding rounds as per his instruction as he is his Ghulam. Mamaiji gets a big shock when he hears this and he also realizes the immense terror in Berahampur. However, another twist takes place as Shivani comes running out of the house as she comes to know that her Mamaji is being harassed by Veer. Shivani begs Veer not to trouble Mamaji. However, Veer gets more annoyed as Shivani stepped out of the house. None of the women of Veer’s family are allowed to come out of the house and Shivani has made a big mistake by coming out. Veer scolds Shivani for her big mistake and he tells her that she will now get punished for this. Veer will make Shivani stand there and witness her mamaji getting trashed up by him in a wrestling match. Shivani will have to face the horror as Veer will unleash his terror once again. Stay tuned for more updates on Life Ok’s Ghulam.

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