Haasil: Aanchal stuck in between to choose either Ranvir or Kabir

Nov 29, 2017

Haasil Upcoming Story: Will Aanchal (Nikita Dutta) realize Kabir's (Vatsal Seth) evil motive or will Ranvir marry Aanchal?

The serial Haasil is slowly picking up as one of the favorites of TV viewers.This critical love story of Haasil is engaging the viewers with the twists and turns in the story line. Everybody is linked to each other for their own selfish reasons. Besides, none knows the reality of the other. As per the current track, the story line is revolving around Kabir and Aanchal’s love drama where Kabir is planning to trap Aanchal. On the other hand, Naina and her brother wants Kabir’s property and thus Naina’s brother want Naina to marry him. Besides, Sarika also wants Naina as her daughter in law and hence will be against Aanchal. Naina’s brother is also trying to show Kabir’s real image in front of Aanchal. In the upcoming track, Naina's brother gets surrounded around Kabir, Ranvir, Aanchal and Naina as well. While he will try to escape by beating Kabir. He will again try to reveal Kabir's truth. Meanwhile, in the upcoming episode Aanchal will either get married to Kabir or Ranvir. Will Ranvir and Aanchal come to know about Kabir's evil motives? Whom will Aanchal marry? Stay tuned for more gossips and upcoming twists.

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