Haasil: Kabir’s love conspiracy using Aanchal, Ranvir baffled

Nov 13, 2017

Haasil Upcoming Twist: Kabir’s (Vatsal Seth) fake friendship drama to win over Aanchal’s (Nikita Dutta) trust

The Upcoming episode of Sony TV’s romantic thriller Haasli is up for interesting twist in tale. Kabir is faking his friendship with Aanchal and trying to trap her is his plan. Besides, Kabir helps Aanchal form getting drowned and hence there their friendship begins. On the other hand, Ranvir is the genuine lover of Aanchal and hence he decides to make her feel special by gifting her something. Meanwhile, Kabir interrupts in between them and suggest Ranbir to give Aanchal something that she can accept and gives her flowers bracelet. Ranvir gets shocked looking at Kabir while Aanchal does not accept the gift. But anyhow Kabir makes Aanchal keep the gift and puts that bracelet in her hand. Kabir’s this flowers bracelet has a spy tracker which can track Aanchal’s presence and thus he plays his game smartly against Aanchal. Find out Haasil tonight at 9-30 PM only on Sony Entertainment Television. Stay tuned for more gossip and upcoming twist.

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