Haasil Latest News: Aanchal's mysterious conspiracy with the Raichands revealed

Nov 26, 2017

Haasil: So this is the revenge story of the Raichands and Aanchal in Haasil

HAASIL is a story of Ambition, achievement and its importance in modern society. The show Haasil is currently engaging the script with the critical love story of Kabir, Aanchal and Ranvir. While, Kabir is making his game plans to ruin Aanchal Shrivastav's life. He is just playing with Aanchal's feelings for his revenge against her. While, the Raichands have no idea about Aanchal's secret conspiracy against them. According to the story line of Haasil it seems that Raichand family is also hiding an ugly truth which they tried to hide using their powers. The real truth behind the mystery is Aanchal's father was Raichand's rival who was killed by Raichands with their conspiracy thus this truth is hidden by everyone. Thus Aanchal will be seen revenging against the Raichand's brother for her father. Soon viewers will witness a major crack in the brothers story and they will soon get against each other. The story will run around the critical love stroy of trio. Till then keep watching Haasil and stay tuned for more gossips and upcoming twists only on tvserialnews.com

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