Haasil Latest News: Dual personalities and Grey characters with Race of Love and Conspiracy

Nov 27, 2017

Haasil: The story of conspiracy between Aanchal (Nikita Dutta), Kabir (Vatsal Seth) and Ranvir (Zayed Khan)

The new serial Haasil is slowly picking up as one of the favorites of TV viewers.This critical love story of Haasil is engaging the viewers with the twists and turns in the story line. The show with an interesting story, captivating plot and equally thought-provoking thrill and twists. Everybody is linked to each other for their own selfish reasons. Besides, none knows the reality of the other. As per the current track, the story line is revolving around Kabir and Aanchal's love drama where Kabir is planning to trap Aanchal. On the other hand, Naina and her brother wants Kabir's property and thus Naina's brother want Naina to marry him. Besides, Sarika also wants Naina as her daughter in law and hence will be against Aanchal. Meanwhile, in the upcoming episode Aanchal will either get married to Kabir or Ranvir. Ranvir's character is till now the innocent one while he also has good friendship with Naina and her brother. Is Ranvir hiding something or he has some other conspiracy? Naina's brother is also trying to show Kabir's real image in front of Aanchal. Besides, Sarika is using Gaurav for her revenge while it is to be seen whether Gaurav wants his revenge from Ranvir or Aanchal. Lets wait and watch who will Haasil this race of conspiracy. Viewers are in love with mystery more than suspense which makes them hooked to the show just like novels. Stay tuned for more gossips and upcoming twists only only tvserialnews.com

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