Haasil Latest News: Ranvir convinces Aanchal to forgive Kabir

Dec 11, 2017

Haasil Upcoming Story: Aanchal (Nikita Dutta) to forgive Kabir (Vatsal Seth) in Haasil

This critical love story of Haasil is engaging the viewers with the twists and turns in the story line and the serial Haasil is slowly picking up as one of the favorites of TV viewers. As per the current track, Kabir confesses in front of media that he had initially faked his love for Aanchal as he wanted to seek revenge from her for the sake of his brother Ranvir’s humiliation. He further confessed that he has truly fallen in love with Aanchal and seeks forgiveness from her for her betrayal. However, Ancha slaps him and refuses to accept his love proposal. Later, Sarika orders Gaurav to kill Aanchal. Next day, Gaurav follows Aanchal and targets Aanchal with his gun. Kabir notices Gaurav targeting Aanchal from a distance while Kabir runs to rescue Aanchal and bears bullet. Aanchal runs to the hospital while Ranvir and Aanchal get emotional. Now, in the coming episodes, it would be seen that Kabir would recover from the bullet wounds. Kabir tells Aanchal she took back watch and his time changed. He gasps for air. Sarika gets worried and calls doctor. Ranvir tells Aanchal that Kabir’s life is in her, she should forgive him. Will Aanchal forgive Kabir? What will the future of Kabir-Aanchal-Ranvir’s love triangle. Find out on Haasil only on Sony TV. Drop down your views. Stay tuned for more gossips and upcoming twists.

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