Haasil News: Aanchal learns that Ranvir killed his dad

Jan 25, 2018

Haasil: Aanchal (Nikita Dutta) runs to save Kabir's (Vatsal Seth) life

The upcoming episode of Sony Tv's romantic thriller is up for some major drama ahead in the show. Ranvir's dad learns that Ranvir loves Aanchal and is obsessed in her love. He warns Ranvir to tell Kabir the truth and Kabir deserves Aanchal's love. While, Ranvir gets furious and tells his dad not to tell anything to Aanchal about it. Besides, his dad says that he will reveal the truth to Aanchal which makes Ranvir mad and he kills his own dad. On the other hand, Aanchal has doubt on Ranvir as he is hiding something. Kabir is so innocent that he trusts his brother so much. He completes the rituals of his dad. Ranvir warns Aanchal while she tries to find some proof for his dad's murderer. Aanchal finds the car and she find some blood mark in the car. Aanchal opens it and checks in for some suspect. 

Aanchal to save Kabir (Vatsal Seth)

Aanchal finds Ranvir's name written in blood by his dad. Aanchal gets the proof against Ranvir and she calls Kabir to inform him. Meanwhile, Ranvir has pre planned Kabir's death and warns Aanchal that he will kill Kabir. Aanchal learns that Ranvir can do anything to achieve her love. Aanchal runs to save Kabir's life. Will she able to save Kabir on time? Lets wait and watch. Stay tuned for more gossips and upcoming twists.

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