Haasil Upcoming Twist: Naina's brother caught red handed attacks Kabir

Nov 28, 2017

Haasil: Ranvir (Zayed Khan) and Kabir trap Naina's brother he attacks over Kabir (Vatsal Seth)

The upcoming episode of Sony TV's romantic thriller drama Haasil is up for some exciting twist in tale. As per the current track, It is is expected that it was Naina's brother who was guiding Aanchal towards Kabir's truth. On the next day, he gives Aanchal another hint by sending her gift at home and showing Kabir's reality. He sends Kabir and Naina's romantic pictures in the marigold hotel. Aanchal gets suspicious and angry she walks to Kabir. While, Kabir anyhow manages to fool Aanchal and she forgives him. The guy again calls Anachal while Aanchal brings Ranvir and Kabir along with her. He turns back and gets caught around Ranvir, Kabir, Aanchal and Naina. Ranvir and Kabir comes forward while he attacks over Kabir. Who is the guy who wants Aanchal to see Kabir's real face? Is he Naina's brother? Will Aanchal learn Kabir's truth?Find out on Haasil tonight at 9-30 pm only on Sony. Stay tuned for more gossips and upcoming twists only on tvserialnews.com

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