Harshad Arora denies rumors of Dehleez 2

Jun 25, 2016

Harshad Arora shares his thoughts on Dehleez in candid interview, denies any possibility of Dehleez Season 2

Harshad Arora and Tridha Chaoudhary’s latest show Dehleez turned out to be one of the most popular shows and soon the show is wrapping up. Dehleez has been on viewers mind for its excellent concept, story and the execution. Harshad Arora as Adarsh and Tridha Chaoudhary as Swadeenta gave away their brilliant performances to add on to show’s popularity. Dehleez was introduced on Star Plus as finite series and will soon reach its end.

Harshad Arora aka Adarsh was recently interviewed by online portal and he spoke about Dehleez and his future projects post Dehleez. When asked about Dehleez being a finite series, Harshad answered “We had a phenomenal concept coupled with great execution. Fans ask us why the show is shutting down? It was always supposed to be a short term thing. Is it not better to end on a high note rather than dragging it?”

When Harshad was asked about despite being a show with strong substance Dehleez never picked up on TRP ratings, Harshad stated “We were clearly told by the channel right at the outset that they were not looking at TRP’s. Both Dehleez and Tamanna are different kind of shows. Our approach was never messy. Apart from the love story we also dealt with politics, terrorism and communalism, so a social message also went out as well.”


Harshad Arora is not keen on taking up any project post Dehleez immediately. Harshad wants to take a break for a month and then will be talking out things with producers who are keen to take up Harshad in their projects.

Harshd was also coaxed about his link up rumors with Swadheenta aka Tridha Chaoudhary on which Harshad replied “I am not surprised. We generally do get linked up with our co-stars. I take it as a compliment for this shows that onscreen chemistry is being appreciated.”

Harshad Arora clearly denied any rumor of Dehleez 2 happening. “I don’t think it will happen (Dehleez 2). Also we have completed our terms of the contracts” he added.


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