Has Colors’ serial Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki lost its core plot?

Aug 07 , 2017 | | 18 Comments

Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki: Soumya accepts to get Sold Off rather than accepting Harman

Colors’ serial Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki has been one of the most popular shows on the Indian television which has the bold concept of a transgender (kinner) being the lead of the show. Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki is the story of Soumya’s fight for her identity and the major part of Soumya’s life is Harman (Vivian D’sena), who loves Soumya immensely despite knowing her kinner status.

Soumya (Rubina Dilaik) is seen as the soft spoken, beautiful and lovable person while Harman is the man in love, who can do anything for Soumya. Despite being an odd love story, viewers have loved Shakti serial and the Shakti TRP is the proof of it. While Harman, Soumya’s sister Surbhi (Roshni Sahota) and Nani love and support Soumya, Harman’s family, especially mother Preeto (Kamya Punjabi) hates Soumya and wants to separate Harman and Soumya at any cost. Till now, Harman and Soumya have always supported each other and have stood up for each others’ love.

However, the current track of Soumya distancing herself from Harman and going to the lowest extent to be away from Harman seems to be going haywire. Soumya, who used to love Harman, has come into Preeto’s words so much that she has left the country to be away from Harman. Soumya wants to search her own identity as she feels that Harman is ashamed of she being a kinner. The truth is Harman hid Soumya’s kinner status as he worries about her as society’s approach towards kinners is not favorable.

But rather than giving a chance to Harman to explain himself, Soumya insults him, distances him and even goes to Bangkok with Preeto and Saya’s help. Soumya falls in the hands of cunning Maharani who plans to sell off Soumya. On the other hand, Harman reaches Bangkok to save Soumya. Even when Soumya is shocked and tries to escape from Maharani when Soumya comes across Harman, she chooses Maharani. Soumya prefers to be sold rather than going back to Harman. We wonder if the makers of Shakti serial are losing their plot in the attempt to show Harman and Soumya’s misunderstanding and separation? Will a person, be it a kinner, not realize that the man loves her to the great extent if he follows her facing all the distance, dangers and humiliations? In the upcoming episode Harman will be seen bidding highest for Soumya and buying her, will it give a sense of identity to Soumya? We wonder if the makers of Shakti are losing the plot here. What do you think? Do let us know in your comments.

18 thoughts on “Has Colors’ serial Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki lost its core plot?”

  1. Love can cure everything ;HaYa anre stubborn and can go to extreme…Harman goes to extreme of the junoon of love to get her back and Saumya goes to the extreme of craziness to be far away from him.The inexprienced Saumya is anware How has is her husband his junoon pushes him buying her to get her back to tell her you can never run from me;you’re mine for eternity…Sure the hurted lover by his lady love will punish her badly for her deeds but he’s love is great their wounds will be cured.Saumya will understand her husband love and will find her true Astitva.The most bitterest situations give true love more strength and passion

  2. The Shakti makers have totally lost the plot. They have degraded their lead character Saumya to the lowest possible level. They not made her only obstinate and egoist but made her dumb. This is all without any justification. I would be surprised if any other serial degraded their character to this extent. There has been love hate relationship in serials. But this is not showing search for identity. This is showing her to be stubborn losing all moral values. The viewers are fed up with the Saumya character. Is this the path a kinnar should take to preserve her identity? Really? Is the message Rashmi Sharma and Colors giving society? Shakti should not receive any more awards after showing such poor moral values. Viewers are influenced by serials and this serial is giving the wrong message. It is sick and should face censoring.

  3. A separation track only works if there is sympathy from the viewers for both characters. But the makers made it unbalanced and that too without a proper reason.

  4. Yes shahed.inspite of harmans effort of saving saumya from those mafia,she is been shown totally mad kinnar.who is not even ready to listen to harman & the truth.
    infact she has completely forgotten his love & everything.when he is taking her out she is not even happy to get out from there & go with him.she is not even bothered about his life.
    infact she will make harman involve in mafia racket.
    saumya tarana kinnar prostitute cannot be trusted anymore.everytime only harman has confessed his love to her & proved it,but from her it was never & never it will be.if the makers had a plot of kinnar astitva they must have only shown her struggle & fight with the society.
    why makers want a lead hero support.if there is no love then let tarana alone fight with the society for her rights why harman??
    finish the role of harman and free him yaar.
    if production team has guds enough to continue the show on so called pathetic plot of astitva of kinnar then run the show only on rubina’s shoulder.how long the show will run ordians want to see.
    a kinnar demanding & showing attitude inspite of getting love & respect unintentionally.

  5. his show is actually is one side love story of a guy n a selfish kinner. It should get over asap. The female lead irritating to the core

  6. Yes. 1000% it. Lost its charm since long time becoz not a matter of. Haya separation. It. Is a matter of. Always showing sowmya protector Harman. Harman surabhi. Marriage track . always. Surabhi. Encourages harman for sowmya searching .but. Her character is not highlighting. Always showing sowmya becoz she plays the kinner role .bakwas

  7. Stupid. Sowmya role. What abt surabhi harman ur so selfish that u can’t realize parents love maybe u didn’t become father that’s why ur not understanding it.

  8. Guys. Don’t. Watch. Shakti. . it. Becomes. A useless show. There is no meaning in it. They attracted audience with kinner concept to make. Trp. Ratings high. Don’t cheated by makers. This is also a luv story of normal other daily soaps

  9. Kindly. Requesting don’t t watch it
    Same. Track from the beginning of da show.I stopped watching it. But following updates there is no new concept in it

  10. Always sowmya trouble harman protector .shakti. ————– plays. BG what is. This . nonsense which is not sense

  11. I don’t think I have ever hated a fictional character as much as I hate Saumya now and that too a lead character. Even more so than Preeto. At least Preeto had a reason. What Astiva? That of a prostitute. The hatred she expressed through her eyes towards Harman last night and tonight. Then left her husband to be beaten by the Goons with no care in the world. The producers must hate the character Saumya very much to have degraded her to the lowest of the low. The Bangkok track was crap. Whose sick vision was this? Now new pictures of Saumya make her look like Begum Jaan. Probably she will become the owner and boss of a brothel. That is how she looks in the post Bangkok track. I don’t want the actors to lose their income but I would have liked this immoral show to go off air. It has been giving the wrong messages since the last seven eight months. It has degraded kinnars. Enough. Stop this Rashmi Sharma and Colors.

  12. actually after humilating Kinnars & lead character saumya so much production has twisted the game in fraction of second.again to blackmailing trend of preeto.ordians can help them for their story work.
    when they show harman over smart in some area then why cant in preeto scenes.why always they hurt the lead characters so desparately.while leaving to bangkok harman was aware that it was preeto trick of separating saumya from him & giving passport to her.then why harman is behaving like a dumb fellow now.
    infact production team has browny points to move the show.harman must think little deeply that why saumya is behaving so vierdely.he should start from his home itself.actually without family knowing he must stay back home & watch preetos move towards saumya when he is not at home.
    like once surbhi had shown harman how preeto blackmail saumya on his back.
    he will get to know what preeto is doing & inspite of fighting with her he must use her so that saumya & harman relationships will last for ever after.saumya must also not be aware of this plan.
    harman must talk to surbhi & tell her all this & even she should share everything what happened at his back.
    they must talk to malika also & harman must assure them that he will accept saumya in front of the whole world with their support including preeto.they will have to support him to teach lesson to preeto & his team.
    whenever saumya will run from harman and go to surbhi or malika they must inform him & she should be back again
    then create situtaions were preeto in front of people will have to accept saumya as her daughter in law.
    the time when saumya shows her anger to harman he should answer her in love.surbhi,malika all must make saumya so much (majboor) that she confess her love to harman.
    saumya harman se ladte ladte itni thak jaye ke woh apne aap ko harman ke pyaar ke aage haar jaye.
    show something knew yaar.why always preeto should be the hero yaar.
    as a human being she is not at all a good human.her language is so horrible.todays episode where she said her “harman ke aage itna girja ki baar baar apne apko bikwa de.”shit being a lady her words are disgusting.always humilate womans.
    she abuse woman so brutally being a woman.she should be taught a lesson which harman can only do it.
    but why this production team supports her god only knows.

  13. harman us avinash ko bol raha tha ki tu india ka hoke apni behen aur maa jaisi ladki yon ko bech raha tha.
    but india main rehkar khud uski maa preeto ghar ki ladkiyon ko bech deti hain.
    hamesh usne saumya ko kinnar ko bech diya.ek baar ravina aur rani ko paise de kar usne aise hi ek prostitution racket wala ko bech diya tha.jab ek arab use lekar jaa raha tha.
    surbhi ke sath saumya ko leke sauda kiya harman se shaddi karne ka.she has always tortured females very brutally & hurted them very much.because of her saumya mother nimmi was killed.
    for everyone miserable life preeto is responsible.she must not be spared,only a son can teach mother a lesson
    she has duplicate keys,she can open doors which is closed.create misunderstanding,brain wash people,make two sisters fight.give poison to them whom she dont like.insult people.she does everything.this time also she is going to separate again harman & saumya that too very hurtingly harman.
    this time harman will be tired of convincing saumya & he will let her go from his life forever.their misundertsanding will never be solved.harman will never come to know that behind his misunderstanding with saumya preeto is the master mind.preeto is the lead of this show.

  14. Mothers in the world are not like preeto.she is not a human being then what she will be a mother.
    Mothers 1st & last wish is always her child should be happy in any such ways.when a mother comes to know that her child will never survive with what he is wishing for desparetly she just get it for the child.
    Mother Is a live example what Nimmi was,she fought with her husband to survive her child who unfortunately was born as a kinnar.if in the same place if preeto would have been there she would have killed the child with her own hands as what maninder & his mother is been doing.
    In case of Harman he is a mature person when he has decided in life that he wants to live life with saumya then there should not be a reason for preeto to force him.if saumya is harming preeto other family member or misusing Harman against her or family then it can be thought she is not right for Harman.but in this case were she herself is going through bad face since when she has come to know that she is a kinnar its wrong what preeto is doing with her.
    She is just abusing Harman by insulting him that he will only be a man if he sleeps with someone & give heir to her.this is really disgusting and also say words like you sell yourself so that Harman start hating you .some couples inspite being normal do not have children but they love & respect each other and live happily.here producer needs to upgrade themselves were they need to disclose preeto’s reality & mentality to her son Harman and then he very wisely take a step to make her realize his feelings.this will be a true story & getting a start for kinnars to the common society.
    But makers are going on a different track which do not make any sense,Harman & saumya fighting with each for no reason.preeto blackmailing saumya,hitting her,abusing & torturing her this is just a shit.
    Saumya must realize that everybody cannot be wrong & only preeto can be right.surbhi,malika,chintu,nani,Harman other kinnars all are wishing that they both love each other and they must start their life together.so if preeto is acting this way saumya must be strong enough to fight back with her not with Harman.she very well knows once if she leaves Harman he will die so why spoiling Harman & her own life just for preeto sake.selling yourself in the prostitution market its not right.there are exceptions in life.she need not do wrong things for preetos sake this Harman must make her understand when he comes to know about preetos evil act.
    Production team atleast this time choose a right track.

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