Humko Tumse Ho Gaya Hai Pyaar Kya Kare: Nikita uses Anokhi to get revenge from Dadu

Jun 19, 2016

Humko Tumse Ho Gaya Hai Pyaar Kya Kare: Tushar (Varun Toorkey) gets impressed with Anokhi’s (Ishani Sharma) efforts to save family form income tax officers

The current track of Humko Tumse Ho Gaya Hai Pyaar Kya Kare shows Anokhi finally winning over Nikita’s trust as she will decide to use her in her evil plans. Tushar’s family is furious with Anokhi as they think that all account files got destroyed because of her carelessness. An income tax raid takes place in the house and the officer demands Dadu to show the account details. Dadu is furious with Anokhi as she causes the files to be destroyed and also does not land up for work. Kunal and Tushar try to get some details from the laptop but they get disappointed seeing that Anokhi has locked it with her password. Tushar rushes to pick up Anokhi and gets tensed as she takes her own sweet time to turn up. Finally Anokhi reaches the house and starts doing her usual drama in front of everyone. Anokhi puts the laptop on to retrieve the files but is tensed seeing that the laptop battery is very low. The laptop charger also gets destroyed by the mice and everyone is tensed thinking that they will land in trouble with income tax officer. The officer threatens that if they don’t show the account details then he will have e to seal their office for a few days. Finally Anokhi uses her presence of mind and transfers the file on Tushar’s phone. Anokhi connects the phone to the TV and shows the account details. Tushar and Kunal are both impressed with Anokhi’s efforts and Nikita also thinks that Anokhi is quite a smart cookie.  It will soon be seen that Nikita will congratulate Anokhi for using her presence of mind and saving them from trouble. Anokhi will be happy as she thinks that she has impressed Nikita. However, Nikita will ask Anokhi to work with her on a secret mission and Anokhi will find herself trapped in a new problem. Nikita will use Anokhi to take revenge from Dadu and Anokhi will unknowingly get into big trouble.

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