Humko Tumse Ho Gaya Hai Pyar Kya Kare 11th June 2016 written update

Jun 10, 2016

Humko Tumse Ho Gaya Hai Pyar Kya Kare 11th June 2016 written episode written update WU starring Ishani Sharma (Anokhi) and Varun Toorkey (Tushar)

Anokhi tells Tushar that the previous candidate walked away and Tushar gets disappointed. Nikita calls Tushaar and tell him to make sure that an accountant is chosen. Tushar start taking Anokhi’s interview and asks her about her knowledge of accounts. Anokhi says that accounts his is like a family where each family member is equivalent to different denominations of notes. Anokhi says that accounts and family can work smoothly when all denominations and family members co-exist with balance and love. Tushar asks Anokhi if she believes in love and Anokhi is speechless. Tushar’s older brother is shown and he makes fun of Tushar saying that he is fit only for small jobs like taking interviews. Maid Kalpana tries hard to do work fast in the kitchen as Dadu is waiting for his food. A woman in a wheelchair comes and asks her to speed up. Kalpana says that there is no one to help her. Nikita reaches there and says that  she is not the owner of the house that she needs assistants. Dadu is furious with maid Kalpana and demands her to serve food. Kalpana ends up breaking things in a hurry and Dadu shouts at her for increasing their expenses. The woman on the wheelchair takes the blame on herself and Dadu asks her not to apologize for Kalpana. Anokhi reaches there and tells Dadu not to shout at someone without being sure about her mistake. Anokhi escapes from there before Dadu can see her. Priyanka asks Gautam about the washing machine. Vrinda once again starts fighting with her husband about money matters.  Gautam is sad seeing Priyanka witnessing the tensions in his house. Tushar returns to the office and sees Anokhi dozed off. Tushar touches her and feels current again. Tushar tells Anokhi that she got the job and she starts dancing in joy. Anokhi goes on her desk and starts screaming seeing a lizard there. Tushar asks Anokhi to relax while Nikita is walking towards the office. Nikita and Anokhi come face to face and Nikita is shocked knowing that Anokhi is chosen as the new accountant. Nikita asks Tushar if Anokhi was the only girl he found for the job. Nikita asks Anokhi to leave and Anokhi falls on her feet begging to let her keep the job and she will do anything for it. Nikita suddenly hugs Anokhi and welcomes her. Nikita tells Anokhi that she will have to follow her orders to keep the job. Precap: Anokhi is late for her job and Dadu starts complaining.

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