Humko Tumse Ho Gaya Hai Pyar Kya Kare 18th July 2016 written episode written update

Jul 17, 2016

Humko Tumse Ho Gaya Hai Pyar Kya Kare 18th July 2016 written episode written update starring Ishani Sharma and Varun Toorkey

Anokhi’s leg is tied and Jassi makes her arrange books on the shelf. Anokhi is in a lot of pain but continues to do the work. Vrinda calls up Anokhi and asks her about her challenge. Anokhi lies to Vrinda that she is just doing some simple household work and Vrinda is relieved. Tushar tells Kunal that Anokhi will surely win the challenge as she loves him and so he will buy the expensive diamond ring for her.

Kunal approves Tushar’s idea but wonders how Tushar will be able to arrange for the ring in such a short time. Anokhi is doing her work and she gets a video call form her family where they show her a dance that they have planned for her sangeet. Dadu purposely asks Anokhi to get hot water for him and Dadi scolds him for making her do such a tough task. Jassi pours water on the floor so that Anokhi falls. However, Nikita comes and cleans it up. Jassi wonders why Nikita is trying to help out Anokhi.

Nikita tells her husband that she is only bothered about getting her keys. Husband tells Nikita to help Anokhi win the challenge. Anokhi is carrying the vessel full of hot water and Nikita comes there and hints her to keep the vessel on the trolley bag. Anokhi is happy seeing Nikita helping her and Tushar too is glad seeing Anokhi’s smartness. Tushar shows Kunal his medals and says that he will sell them to get the money for the ring. Kunal refrains him from doing such a thing. Kunal assures Tushar that they will arrange for the money.

Anokhi tries to sit down and Kalpana comes there and asks her not to cheat.  Anokhi is feeling very hungry and Tushar reaches there with a plate full of food. Anokhi eats the food and Kunal asks Anokhi to put her foot down. Anokhi looks at Kalpana and Kunal tells her that Kalpana is on their side. However, Anokhi says that she will not cheat. Tushar asks Anokhi to eat a circular fryum and puts it in her finger. Tushar takes the fryum out of Anokhi’s finger and thinks that he will use it to get measurement for Anokhi’s ring. Dadu talks to someone on the phone and orders an engagement ring. Dadu thinks that the engagement will happen only with the girl of his choice.


Jassi shows Anokhi black clothes and tells her to wear them as mourning when she loses the challenge.


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