Humko Tumse Ho Gaya Hai Pyar Kya Kare 27th June 2016 written episode written update

Jun 26, 2016

Humko Tumse Ho Gaya Hai Pyar Kya Kare 27th June 2016 written episode written update starring Ishani Sharma and Varun Toorkey

Dadu tells Parul’s grandfather that he and his family should live with them till the wedding. Anokhi is snooping around and sees Kunal and Tushar together. Kunal tells Tushar to reveal the truth to everyone. Anokhi’s brother tells the client about the honeybee business. Priyanka takes the responsibility of shooing the promotional video amid honeybees.

Kalpana tells Dadi that Tushar does not seem too happy about the marriage. Jassi tells Dadu that she heard Kalpana telling Dadi that Tushar does not want to marry. Priyanka dashes into Gautam and the honey falls of the ground. The bees start approaching them. Dadu scolds Kalpana for talking nonsense and Nikita too reprimands her for getting into their personal matters. Anokhi hopes that Tushar has read the message.

Tushar reaches there and Anokhi thinks he is Kunal. Anokhi tells him not to keep coming in his way. Tushar tries to stop Anokhi and by mistake he rips her dress from the back. Jassi hears them and locks the door from outside. Gautam and Shashi laugh seeing Priyanka being bitten by honey bee on the lip. Jassi tells her husband that Aonkhi is still in the house.

It is a good opportunity for him to create trouble for Tushar and she too can insult Anokhi more. Tushar and Anokhi are stuck in the room and realize that someone has locked them from outside. Vrinda blames Priyanka for telling Gautam to leave his job and do business. Dadu is worried as Tushar is missing. Dadu suddenly hears a loud nice and goes in the direction.

Jassi and her husband are doing a drama to grab attentions of family members towards Anokhi and Tushar locked inside teh room. Dadu and other family members see Anokhi and Tushar together and are shocked. The family sees the torn piece of cloth in Tushar’s hand which belongs to Anokhi’s dress and glare at him. Vrinda and Priyanka patch up and Priyanka is happy. Vrinda calls up Anokhi and tells her that she is stuck in a big problem.


Gautam gifts Anokhi a new mobile phone and h tells her that he has sold the old one. Anokhi thinsk how she will show Tushar (Kunal) the video

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