Humko Tumse Ho Gaya Hai Pyar Kya Kare 5th July 2016 written episode written update

Jul 04, 2016

Humko Tumse Ho Gaya Hai Pyar Kya Kare 5th July 2016 written episode written update starring Ishani Sharma and Varun Toorkey

Kunal thanks Anokhi for supporting Tushar in front of everyone. Vrinda’s husband tells Vrinda that Gautam and Priyanka are also going to Shimla just like them. Vrinda tells her husband that Gautam has also become narrow minded like him and cannot think higher in life. Tushar comes to Dadi and Dadu’s room and wants to explain himself. However, Dadi asks Tushar to leave. Gautam’s father removes a suitcase for Gautam and Priyanka and it falls off and some documents come spilling out. Vrinda sees the document and looks at Gautam angrily.

Jassi is angry and complains to Pulkit that Anokhi is very smart and they should stop her form marrying Tushar at any cost. Dadi finally agrees to talk to Tushar and she complains that his behavior ruined everyone’s happiness. Tushar admits that he is in love with Anokhi but Dadi is not ready to believe that they would fall in love in such few days. Dadi leaves from there saying that she has still not forgiven him.

Jassi meets dadi and tells that Anokhi is not at all apt for their house. Nikita also agrees. Vrinda is furious with Gautam for purchasing the washing machine on behalf of his Priyanka’s family. Sashi supports Priyanka saying that she too did not know about it. Anokhi comes there and gets angry seeing everyone fighting and she threatens to throw away the washing machine. Everyone is shocked to see Anokhi’s behavior as she looks totally frustrated. Vrinda asks Anokhi why she is angry and Anokhi reveals everything that happened at the Jagran.

Vrinda gets excited and feels that she always had a connection with manager aka Tushar. Vrinda feels that Anokhi will be the owner on Malik and sons. Tushar calls up Anokhi and tells her that he wants to meet her immediately. Tushar says that he is waiting outside her house and Anokhi gets tensed as she had given Tushar the wrong address of her house. Tushar sees Anokhi coming out of a different house and asks her for an explanation. Tushar realizes that Anokhi lied about her address and says that he hates liers.


Anokhi says that her house is very small and middle class. Tushar walks towards Anokhi’s house.

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