Humko Tumse Ho Gaya Hai Pyar Kya Kare 6th June 2016 written update

Jun 05, 2016

Humko Tumse Ho Gaya Hai Pyar Kya Kare 6th June 2016 written update written episode starring Ishani Sharma and Varun Toorkey

The episode begins with Anokhi being a part of a game show where the anchor asks a silly question. Anokhi is the only one who answers the questions and she gets congratulated by the anchor. The anchor asks the last silly question and Anokhi answers that question too. The anchor gifts Anokhi a luxurious car and a holiday package and many more gifts. Anokhi is excited winning the prize but suddenly she realizes that it was all just dream as her mother wakes her up. Anokhi’s mother tells her to get ready as it is her brother’s wedding. Anokhi’s mother complains that her father has gone away somewhere and he calls out to her saying that he is fixing the lights. Anokhi is sad about her dream. Anokhi’s father tells the halwai that his wife’s name is Vrinda but he calls her pholan devi. Anokhi tries on her lehenga and does not like it. Shashi tells Anokhi’s mother that her aunt’s card has come back and Papa complains that it is because ma has not kept good relations with them. Papa tells Anokhi to borrow Lehenga from someone but her mother says that they will buy a new one for Anokhi. Anokhi chooses a lehenga and ma gets happy seeing that it fits their budget. However, Anokhi and ma realize that they have mistaken the price to be RS 2000 although the actual price is Rs 20000. Anokhi and her mother tells the salesman that they don’t have so much money. Salesman asks them to pay later. Anokhi writes down wrong address and leaves from there.  New family is shown where the Dadu is very strict about saving money. Dadi taunts Dadu for always trying to save money. Dadu asks his grandson whether he has given advertisement for a new accountant. Dadu’s grandson is depressed thinking about his good childhood days. Anokhi and her mother are shopping when Anokhi notices someone trying to commit suicide. The person is Dadu’s grandson and Anokhi rushes to save him. However, the man tells Anokhi that he was just picking up his coin. Anokhi is shocked by his rudeness and both go their separate ways. Precap: Anokhi is dancing in baraat and someone accuses her for trying to steal her ring.  

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