Humko Tumse Ho Gaya Hai Pyar Kya Kare: Anokhi calls herself Tushar’s girlfriend

Jul 01, 2016

Humko Tumse Ho Gaya Hai Pyar Kya Kare: Anokhi (Ishani Sharma) realizes Tushar’s (Varun Toorkey) real identity

The current track of Humko Tumse Ho Gaya Hai Pyar Kya Kare shows that Anokhi finally comes to know the real identity of Tushar amid the Jagran track. A big drama gets created amid the Jagran as Anokhi’s dog jumps on Dadu and a chaos breaks out in the entire place. Just as Dadu is able to get rid of the dog, a fire gets started in the place.

Anokhi is hiding behind the Mata Rani idol and she gets shocked seeing the fire approaching her but she is not able to escape as her dress gets stuck. Tushar realizes that Anokhi is behind the idol and he jumps into the fire to save Anokhi.  The family is aghast seeing Tushar entering the fire but are not aware that he has gone to save Anokhi as they still don’t know about Anokhi’s presence out there.

Tushar sees Anokhi stuck amid the fire and hugs her and the Mata Rani Chunri falls on their head. Anokhi sees that Tushar suddenly starts fainting and she gets tensed. A few moments later, the family looks on shocked as Anokhi emerges from the fire carrying Tushar in her arms as he is unconscious.

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The family tries desperately to bring back Tushar to consciousness and at this moment, Anokhi realizes that the person who she thought is Kunal, is actually Tushar. Anokhi recalls that she kept treating Tushar badly thinking that he is the manager of the company whereas as he is the owner. However, Anokhi gets into big trouble and Dadu blames her for the entire fiasco.

It will now be seen that Anokhi will drag herself in another problem as she will tell Dadu that she is Tushar’s girlfriend. Let’s wait and see how Tushar reacts hearing Anokhi’s words.

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