Ikyawann 1 December 2017 Written Update Written Episode

Nov 30, 2017

Ikyawann 1 December 2017 Written Update Written Episode and Ikyawann 2 December 2017 Precap

Leela punishes Jhano. Susheel gets angry over Satya and Leela and decides to remove her stress. She takes the stick and starts beating everywhere. While, Satya comes there and stops her. Satya says it was her misunderstanding. Susheel says she doubts in his help also. Satya asks her to calm down and asks her to talk politely. Satya warns her saying that if she blames him again then he will be responsible for all her problems. Meanwhile, Sejal stops her and Susheel starts talking about Satya. On the other hand, Satya also gets furious and talks about Susheel to his brother. Jhano gets furious while she hears Sejal and Susheel coming to that room and hides herself with a sac. Sejal brings Susheel to the same room. Sejal asks Susheel to tie her with a rope and a tape. Sejal sits on Jhano while Susheel asks her to leave. Sejal says she wants to create a drama that she is kidnapped. Sejal shows her pictures with Vishu and also reveals that it is their love marriage. Jhano hears everything. Jhano gets up takes her phone and runs away. Susheel runs after Jhano. Susheel's grandma gets worried and calls Susheel while a man picks the call. It was Naresh who was talking and says he is Susheel. Darika decides to leave while Mehul's father stops her. He asks her to rest. Jhano comes there and takes away Leela and she shows the picture in the projector. Everyone gets shocked. Sejal and Susheel comes there. Leela asks to pack food and hands it to the guests and tells that now this wedding won't take place. Vishu tries to explain while she slaps him. Satya tries to talk to Leela while she stops him. Leela looks at Susheel with Sejal and questions if she belongs to this family. Shivam takes Susheel away. Leela gets furious while Sejal's mother apologizes. Vishu says that if he would have told her then she would have not accepted. Leela says she will never accept her even if she dies today. Sejal runs away. Vishu goes while Leela stops him. Mehul calls Susheel and asks her to eat and send her a picture. Susheel also asks him to eat and send his picture. While, Susheel looks at Sejal from her phone who was about to commit suicide. Satya and Vishu look for Sejal. Susheel runs there and asks her to step down. While, Sejal says who is committing suicide and looks down. Susheel comes to save her and she herself falls down. Sejal shouts out loudly. Satya and Vishu look at them. Susheel hangs there. Satya, Vishu and Shivam run upstairs. While Leela and the whole family comes out. Satya asks them to stay quiet as Leela came there. While, Susheel's slippers fall down. Susheel gives her hand and Satya picks her up and she falls over Satya and they have an eye lock moment.

Precap: Satya calls Leela and says Vishu and Sejal consumed poison. Leela and everyone else run upstairs. Kali examines Vishu and Sejal.

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