Ikyawann 10th January 2018 Written Update Written Episode

Jan 10, 2018

Ikyawann 10th January 2018 Written Update Written Episode and Ikyawann 11th January 2018 Precap

Kali says yes Satya is my son. Mehul says he never thought that they will be meeting like this after years all of sudden. Kali says she came for Susheel but she did not know about him. She says Susheel is fine now. Mehul says thanks to her that she ignored everthing and took care of Susheel. Kali says she is a doctor and it is her work. Kali says she will dress Susheel up again. Kali gives her pain killers. Mehul goes to drop Kali. Meanwhile, Susheel was about to fall while taking the glass of water and Satya runs to hold her. Satya scolds her and says what does she want him to stay here whole night. Susheel says when did she said that. Susheel asks him why is he being so furious today. Satya says there must be another option to help her. Susheel challenges him and he accepts. Meanwhile, Naresh and Jai reach home and Mehul introduces them to Kali. He says she is Satya's mom. Naresh falls the bag from his hand. They question if she is really Satya's mom. She says yes and was about to leave. While they ask her to get seated and have breakfast. Kali gets seated and thinks about Satya. Kali asks them that where is Susheel's mom. Mehul says they lost the women's in their family in an accident. Kali says sorry. Kali appreciates Susheel while Mehul also says Satya is also a good guy. Naresh starts talking about Susheel to Kali. While Kali looks worried and she goes to meet Susheel again. Mehul and Jai asks Naresh about his way of talking to Kali and they asks him if he is hiding something.

Ikyawann 10th January 2018 Written Update Written Episode

Naresh says he was taking about Satya and Susheel's relationship. Meanwhile, Satya gives Susheel a remote and asks her to press 1. A car with her medicines and essentials comes to her place. Kali looks at them and she smiles. Susheel thanks Satya. Kali comes there and she tells her about Satya's arrangement. Satya says now doctor will take care of her and he is leaving. Susheel says why does he call her doctor as she is his mom first. Satya says no she is doctor first then his mom. Meanwhile, Vishu comes and brings a gift for Sejal. He gives her bangles. Sejal asks him to help her wear it. Vishu makes her wear while Kiran looks at them. Kiran comes in and tells Vishu that she also wants red bangles as Leela does not let her wear it. Vishu says he will bring. Naresh tells Mehul that Satya and Susheel like each other. Jai says even if this is true how will they go to Leela's family and talk about this alliance. Meanwhile, Kiran looks at the red powder and takes it to wear as sindoor. Leela looks at her and shouts loudly. Kiran says let her wear the sindoor. Sejal is suspicious. Leela says it is not sindoor. Sejal runs to bring water and Leela throws it in Kiran's face. 


Mehul tells Susheel that he and everyone in the family like Satya. Susheel hugs Mehul. Meanwhile, Satya tells Vishu that Leela never told about the person because of whom Kiran has gone mental state or else he would have ended this chapter forever.

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