Ikyawann 11th January 2018 Written Update Written Episode

Jan 11, 2018

Ikyawann 11th January 2018 Written Update Written Episode and Ikyawann 12th January 2018 Precap

Gulabo tells Kali about Kiran's behavior and says that she remembered Mehul today. Kali gets worried thinking that she met Mehul today and today Kiran's condition is like this. Susheel hides in her room and gives surprise to Mehul with the remote control. Mehul looks at the picture of her and Susheel in the book kept by Susheel and gets emotional. Mehul asks her now its enough and asks her to come out while Susheel gives him another surprise with a gift in which a date 11-01-1996 is written and Maa paa in another paper. Susheel comes out and Mehul says she remembers this day. Susheel says how can she forget as this was the day when she called him maa paa. Mehul asks if she arranged this alone. Susheel says Satya had made the arrangements to help her while she just made this idea out of it. Meanwhile, Mehul tells Susheel that everyone of them like Satya and Susheel comes and hugs Mehul. On the other hand, Leela is emotional and she takes care of Kiran. Leela says Mehul will never be happy in his life while Kali secretly listens to this. Kali keeps the medicinal cream there while Leela tells her not to say anything about it to Satya. Satya talks to his friend on phone while Leela comes and asks him about where he was for the whole night. Leela asks if he spend whole night at her house. Meanwhile, Satya gets a call and he picks it up. Satya starts his drama and says he won his bet and now they have to give him the party. 

Ikyawann 11th January 2018 Written Update Written Episode

Leela listens to him. Satya's cousin brother is also there while he gets suspicious on the way Satya is talking. Leela comes and keeps the phone on speaker. While his cousin handles the situation as he feels Leela must be around her and asks the girl to talk about the bet. She says he has won the bet and calls him to meet up. Satya says ok he will come while Leela is happy. Satya is furious while Leela says sorry to him. Satya calls his friends and thank them while Kali comes there. Kali thinks she will have to talk to Satya. Darika and Bakhe come home and tell Mehul that there was mass marriage at the place but there was very bad arrangement. Mehul says Bakhe that he wants to talk to him about something. Mehul shows a card to Bakhe and asks to open it. It has written Susheel weds Satya while Bakhe is shocked. Mehul tells Bakhe that they both love each other deeply. Meanwhile, Sejal takes her make up box to make Kiran ready. Kiran says it has nothing red. Satya says red is old fashioned. Satya asks Sejal to take care of Kiran. Satya tells Vishu that he has always asked Dadi about Kiran's condition while she never told him. Satya says if he comes to know then he will never forgive that person. Besides, Susheel family is very happy and they talk about Susheel and Satya's marriage. Mehul says this is not the end. Mehul says Satya is grandson of Leela Ajmera.


Bakhe asks Mehul what will he do. Mehul says he will do the same thing that his father did for him. While entering the place, Kiran throws cow dung from their house which falls on Mehul's face. Leela runs to see and puts water in his face while they are shocked to witness Mehul.

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