Ikyawann 12 December 2017 Written Update Written Episode

Dec 11, 2017

Ikyawann 12 December 2017 Written Update Written Episode and Ikyawann 13 December 2017 Precap

Satya tries to flirt with Susheel and he holds her hand. Susheel removes her hand and he takes away the ball and makes his goal. Susheel looks at him and he gives her a flying kiss. Susheel puts some powder in her hand and she tells her friend that she doens't like that he is touching her. They gets ready for the next round. Susheel shows him the powder and she was about to throw Satya turns and tries to make Susheel fall and he holds her hand. Satya makes her fall and takes the ball again. Susheel gets furious over him and Satya shows his attitude. Leela was on her way and she sees her bike near college. Leela says he had his match today. Susheel gets distracted and scared as a dog enters the ground. Satya takes away the dog and asks Susheel to throw the ball. Susheel gets confused and she throws it to Satya. Satya does his last goal and he wins the match. Satya wins the basketball game against Susheel. Leela looks for Satya. Leela makes Jhano sit down and she stands above her and shouts Satya's name in the campus. Everyone there gets disturbed of her voice. Satya's friends cheer for him near the ground. Susheel runs to fight with Satya and burts over him she throws the ball and makes goal in one hand. Leela asks a girl about Satya and she shows her finger near the ground. Satya again comes to argue with Susheel and agrees that he bought the dog in the ground. Susheel calls him a looser and she walks away. Leela looks at Susheel and thinks what is she doing here. Satya says he will soon win the bet after he wins the fest. Leela comes there and smiles at him. Satya tells that he won the match. Leela asks Satya about Susheel. Satya says she is in the same college and he tells that he defeated her in the match. Leela says it is good that she lost. Darika looks for Susheel everywhere in the house. Shivam consoles Susheel and brings her home. Darika questions Jai and Naresh about Susheel. Jai tells Darika that she went to her friends house for some work. Darika shouts at him saying that they are lying. She asks about which house did she go she will go and search. Susheel comes there. Susheel says Shivam came late and she got hurt because of a dog. Darika gets confused. Naresh says her friend has a dog and he plays with her. Naresh keeps the manequinn while Mehul and Dadaji enter there. Naresh acts if he was doing exercise and asks them to get seated. Darika looks at the manequinn and comes to Mehul. She says everything was perfect today and Susheel made laddu's. She asks Susheel to bring water while she gets disappeared. Darika and Naresh gets confused while Jai takes the doll away. Susheel comes there. Darika asks her when did she change her clothes. Jai comes running with Laddu's. Darika asks Susheel to tell Dadaji about how she made Laddu's

Precap: Satya comes with his gang and shows his attitude to Susheel. Satya tells Susheel that he did not knew about basket ball then too he won the match. He says he is expert in treasure hunt too and will defeat her in that too

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