Ikyawann 12 February 2018 Written Update Written Episode

Feb 12, 2018

Ikyawann 12 February 2018 Written Update Written Episode and Ikyawann 13 Feb 2018 Precap

Satya is angry over Leela. Satya decides to destroy Susheel's life while Susheel decides to repay for her maapaa's mistakes. Leela acts to be happy and taunts Kali saying that her happiness cannot be captured in any camera or photographs. Kali decides to hide the camera somewhere safely and she hides it near the gift boxes. Mehul sheds tears recalling Susheel and he watches her in the video call. Banke blesses Susheel wholeheartedly and he is very happy. Bakhe shows his love and calls her my Susheel leaving everyone shocked and happy. Mehul and Susheel get emotional. Susheel's family leaves home. Later, Leela decides to make Susheel's life a living hell. Kali takes the camera back. Sejal plans to irritate Satya and Susheel and she sets too many alarm clocks to disturb Satya and Susheel. 

Ikyawann 9 February 2018 Written Update Written Episode

Meanwhile, Satya removes his anger on his cousin. Satya decides to talk to Leela. Sejal comes to Satya's room and she asks Sejal to leave. Leela is hiding something. Susheel recalls whatever happened in the wedding and doubts that it was Satya who did not want this wedding to happen. 


Susheel calls Maapaa while Leela sends a dog to sacre her away. Susheel gets scared. Leela cuts the call connection. Meanwhile, Kali comes there and finds Leela.

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