Ikyawann 12 March 2018 Written Update Written Episode

Mar 12, 2018

Ikyawann 12 March 2018 Written Update Written Episode and Ikyawann 13 March 2018 Precap 

Gulabo ties Susheel's hand while Sejal gets worried and she asks if Susheel will get hurt. Susheel takes round around the holika. Kali reads the story of holika. Susheel is tired. Leela asks Satya to lit the bonfire. Satya looks at Susheel and she smiles. Satya burns the holika. Leela is excited. While Gulabo asks Susheel to remove the rope. Susheel starts to open it and it does not burn. Leela is angry at Jhano. Susheel gets saved and she removes the rope. Leela suffers a burn injury after failing to execute her evil plan against Susheel. Satya says there is something wrong with the rope and he asks if Susheel is fine. Leela thinks that Satya is still thinking about her. Susheel brings a cream for Leela. Later, Satya takes Susheel aside and asks her to show her hands. Leela is very angry and she calls Susheel a super women. She shouts at Jhano. Leela asks Jhano if Susheel should be alive. Jhano refuses as she thinks the time when Susheel helped her. 

Ikyawann 12 March 2018 Written Update Written Episode

She gets frustrated and she finds something in the newspaper. Later, she makes a shocking decision. Leela decides to bring another wife for Satya. Leela says they will not celebrate holi and go to Mehul's house for another marriage arrangements. Leela says Mehul will have another heart attack. 


Jhano rolls over the floor for her mannat. People gather there looking at Jhano. Susheel also comes there. Leela is also dressed like Jhano hiding her face.

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