Ikyawann 13 March 2018 Written Update Written Episode

Mar 13, 2018

Ikyawann 13 March 2018 Written Update Written Episode and Ikyawann 14 March 2018 Precap 

Shivam and the whole family gets ready to surprise Mehul while they get another surprise with Susheel's entry. Shivam tells the jasoos story of Nitesh to Susheel. Susheel tells Mehul that she will play holi and that too with Satya. Mehul gets worried hearing his name. Meanwhile, Leela, with Jhanno's help creates a scene, leaving Susheel's family astonished. A man runs to Mehul's house to tell about it. Susheel leaves home while Satya is asleep. Susheel thinks about how to convince Satya for hoi. Meanwhile, she draws a smile face in his cupboard and she finds everyone standing there to attack her for holi. Satya wakes up and asks everyone to leave. Sejal says its her first holi with Susheel and they will play. They gear up to attack Susheel while she runs behind Satya. She holds him and keeps hiding behind him. Satya turns speechless. Later, Sejal throws the water balloon over Satya and he bends down and Susheel catches it. Kiran calls Susheel fat that the balloon did not affect her and Satya tells Kiran not to talk like that. 

Ikyawann 13 March 2018 Written Update Written Episode

Susheel feels special and Sejal also teases Satya. Susheel tries to make Satya smile saying a poem. He looks at her confused. Satya starts laughing at Susheel and she gets happy looking at him. Leela comes close to the house and thus she asks Jhano to get up and she will move forward. Naresh finds the crowd gathered near his house. He finds Leela there. The man tells him about his mannat. Mehul takes Leela home. 


Susheel makes a plan to make Satya play holi. Satya comes out and calls everyone saying that they will play a game and the team which will win will apply color to the losing team. 

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